Some Storage Ideas For When Your Place is Just Too Small

In big cities, space is a premium, and the price you pay for that space is not small. That is what happens when you choose to live in a big city with limited space. The larger the home, the bigger the price-tag. However, sometimes we choose smaller spaces for other reasons and not just budget. Living in a small space can bring some challenges when it comes to organization. With limited space, one can sometimes have a hard time knowing where they can out their belongings.

Here are some condominium storage tips

  1. Take your walls seriously – You can save storage space by putting a few things on the wall. It could be a TV or a even bike. Having these things not taking up floor space can definitely help utilize the area better.
  2. Make intelligent use of the space on shelves – Optimize the shelves with baskets. They become drawers when there is less space. They also allow you to store more and hide things you don’t know what to do with.
  3. Make a bookshelf on the wall – This increases space for your books and you can also add decorative elements to the shelves to make it more personalized.
  4. Temporary solutions for a rental home – Adding shelves to a cupboard door could be one way to add space. The storage in the bathroom can be designed in this manner also.
  5. Re-use items – You can use a kitchen dish rack, color it in a different color or according to the room’s theme, and you can use it to hold mail, newspapers, and files without the need for a large filing cabinet.
  6.  Use a pegboard in the kitchen – Get creative. Store your kitchen pans and pots, and even cooking utensils on a pegboard. This is a great way to create more space in a small kitchen when cupboard space is limited.
  7. Use mason jars – Mason jars have become the rage now in the kitchen. Use them to store anything; just attach them underneath the cabinets. They look elegant and creative too.
  8. Great storage idea – Use the bed boxes to store your comforters, extra pillows, pillow cases, bed-sheets, etc. They stay hidden and save space in the closet/wardrobe.
  9. Closets – If there is a closet space you can use, you can use a small desk or table to create office space. It could free up space in the main area and keep it less cluttered looking. The more you put into a space the smaller the room will feel.
  10. Boxes -There are under bed boxes available too. These boxes fit under the bed, sofa and cabinets too. While it pays to go digital, if you are the type who simply doesn’t want to get rid of magazines, DVDs etc, use these boxes.
  11. De-clutter – When you think you have run out of space for an item, consider if the item really needs to be there. Do away with clothes you don’t wear or won’t wear in the next year. What about the extra shoes? Get rid of them and it will free some space that you can use.
  12. Hooks – Use hooks behind the doors to hang objects. Command hooks can be removed easily and there’s no need to create holes. This is important if you are renting. Hang coats, shoes, bags, hats, towels and anything else that you usually do inside a closet. It will free space in the closet and also make them easily available when you need them.
  13. If the above ideas don’t quite cut it and you really need to find a quick solution then consider renting out a secure self-storage unit, they can vary in price and you can probably find a cheap one quite easily.

Not everyone has the luxury of living in a large apartment or house. When space is less, use them in a manner as to maximize their utility.  Use the above condo storage tips.